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Help for a Home



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SOS Bahini

Eco village Pokhara

General project information

During the construction of the atelier in Serachour Sander got in contact with SOS Bahini. At that point the organisation was working on the development of construction plans for an eco-village to accommodate the orphans. For the realisation of their plans they searched for designers and builders. Female orphans are underprivileged in Nepal and without an orphanage there’s little hope for a humane future. This group really deserved to be helped!
Back in the Netherlands Sander worked on plans and asked his friend and colleague architect David and construction manager Frans to help him design this great project. They didn’t hesitate at all and consented immediately. They also wanted to use their expertise to create accommodation which is badly needed and really contributes to a better habitat with respect for the environment. At that point, the idea for HELP for a HOME was born.
Since then they’ve worked on the design and development of the construction technique for the eco village. Keeping the construction regulations in Pohara in mind, they’ve chosen a building technique of pressed blocks of earth for the walls and bamboo for the roofs. This resulted in a design which was worked out in more detail by a Nepalese architect.
In March 2013 Frans and Sander went to Nepal to advise and supervise the construction. They were thrilled to see that the construction of the accommodation was at a very advanced stage. The building technique was so simple that even Nepalese female orphans (as an experiment) were able to press the blocks themselves.
In the meantime the construction has advanced so far that the relocation is scheduled for the end of 2013. Once more a very succesful project which proves that this construction technique has great potential to reduce global problems with accommodation.