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From October 2011 untill March 2012 Sander along with other volunteers of the foundation Maya and locals helped with the design and construction of a workshop for teaching materials in a remote village near Pokhara in Nepal. This period he has lived and worked with the local Nepalese people who inspired him with their knowledge of nature. By making use of all that nature has to offer, they are perfectly able to live a good life. They know what it means to live in harmony with nature.
The philosophy of making use of natural materials is also applied in the construction of the workshop. By mixing clay and earth which is available on the construction site and putting this in rice bags and ram it, earthbags are created which are very strong stones to build walls with . The bamboo which grows in abundance in the immediate area, has been used for the roof construction. Because bamboo grows fast, is very light and strong , it is a great construction material .
Eventually it became a very nice and proper building which has impressed Sander so much because it has been made with the fantastic combination of good , environmentally friendly building materials and simple construction techniques. The limitless opportunities this combination provides, for the housing of many people in the world, has encouraged Sander to prepare plans so that this construction method will be applied more frequently.