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Basa, Solukhumbu, Nepal

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the Small World Nepal

School in Basa

General project information

Upon arrival at Basa we went straight to work with the bamboos which were ready to be used. After we had completed a number of successful experiments with the bamboos , we could start with the construction of a truss, which is designed by Rijk Blok, structural engineer and assistant professor at the University of Technology Eindhoven . The construction was monitored with great interest by passing locals and schoolchildren. The first bamboo truss was tested by sitting on it with 8 people. After that, everyone was convinced that it is a very solid construction.
From that moment, together with four Nepalese carpenters and the foreman we started the assembly of the 14 remaining rafters, which was completed after 3 days. After this we have placed the trusses within 1 day and executed the remaining other work such as placing the stability structure, purlins and wind security.
Ultimately, everything went entirely according the plan.The locals are very happy with the result and are all very grateful for the support provided so that every year 100 children more can go to school . Through the gained building technology they can build bamboo roofs for future school buildings themselves.
The flowers and scarves we have received are for everybody who contributed to this beautiful and successful project!