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Kanku, Solkhumbu, Nepal

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the Small World Nepal

Eco school Kanku

General project information

And see here: the beautiful result! After months of hard work the school in Kanku is almost finished. Together with Ram (the Nepalese foreman) the local workers succeeded to apply the same bamboo structure as we did in the school of Basa. And according to Karma Sherpa of the Small World (our Nepalese partner foundation) the locals think the bamboo construction is a very good alternative to wood. Wood is scarce in this area, bamboo grows 10 times faster and is as strong as wood. They are very happy with this experience. Now every year 100 more additional happy children can go to school, so they can work towards a bright future.
This great success shows that our simple but strong bamboo technique is easy to adopt by the local people. Herewith we can help building many more great projects built from local ecological materials.